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10 Lessons Battlestar Galactica Can Teach Your Business

Even if you aren't a fan of Ron Moore's reimagining of the single season space opera from 1978 (but how could you not be?), you probably know it signed off after four epic seasons last week, at last delivering 50,000 human and Cylon survivors to a new world.

What you might not realize is that the universe of Battlestar Galactica has many business lessons up its sleeve, brought to you courtesy of PC World.

  • More technology isn't always the answer. Cylons destroyed the 12 colonies by exploiting a weakness in the defense network. Galactica survived, specifically because it was not a part of the network.
  • Training is important. An accidental explosion in the hanger deck wiped out many of the ship's fighter pilots, forcing an ad-hoc training program. Training new pilots should have been part of the plan all along.
  • You can't outsource everything. If humans hadn't tried outsourcing labor to the Cylons to begin with, everyone world still be living in relative peace and harmony on all of the 12 colonies -- and, I suppose Earth, the mysterious 13th colony as well.
  • Keep your anti-virus up to date. Early in the series, a Cylon virus infiltrated Galactica and threatened to cut the show's run unexpectedly short. No one is immune to malware.
  • Don't store all your backups in one place. The Cylons used offsite backup, so shouldn't you?
Check out the PC World article for the rest of the tips, which, I'm pretty sure, qualifies your HDTV as a business expense.
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