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The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), a proud cosponsor of the Yonkers Habitat for Humanity project, shares Habitat's "Can-Do" spirit. Like Habitat we believe that good, comfortable, affordable housing can be built quickly when resources are paired with needs.

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PATH's federal partners offer numerous housing related programs. Here are a few of them from the Departments of Energy and Housing and Urban Development, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency:

Technology Making A Difference Where Americans Live

PATH is a one-stop source for information on innovative housing technologies. Our unique partnership links federal agencies concerned about housing issues with leaders of the home building, product manufacturing, insurance, financial and regulatory communities. We believe that advanced technologies can make American homes stronger, safer and more durable, more energy efficient, environmentally friendlier and sustainable, easier to maintain, less costly to operate and more comfortable to live in.

PATH Provides Online Building Information

PATH's inventory of advanced housing technologies - the first ever assembled - describes more than 100 of the latest innovations from building materials and products to complete housing systems --all considered to have less than five percent of their potential market share. Entries include photographs, installation details, costs, benefits, code and regulatory data as well as contacts.

PATH's survey of best practices spotlights, for builders and remodelers alike, outstnding housing projects throughout the United States - case histories of successful housing developments that use specific innovative building technologies.

PATH's web site ( is a national cyberspace source for information on innovation in the homebuilding industry, offering instant access to PATH's constantly updated technology and best practices inventories, links to federal housing programs such as Building America, Energy Star, and the President's Million Solar Roofs Initiative as well as forums to exchange ideas, share experiences and ask questions about products, emerging technologies and new construction and building techniques.

PATH Supports Housing Technology Innovators

PATH plans annual "small innovators product fairs," linking entrepreneurs with new products and technologies to representatives from the building products industry and the capital markets. PATH also will recognize inventors of new products through its annual "Housing Technology Innovators Awards."

PATH Shapes Next Generation Housing

PATH will convene a biennial Conference on the Future of the House in summer 1999 to help shape the national housing research and development agenda.

PATH promotes the use of new housing technologies through pilot projects and demonstration programs with private sector developers and such federal sponsors as the Department of Energy's Building America program.

PATH works with Federal partners -from the USDA's Forest Products Laboratory to the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology -- to commercialize research and development pertinent to the housing sector.

PATH Dismantles Barriers to Advanced Housing Technology

PATH's federal agency and private sector partners are working together to identify the institutional, regulatory and financial barriers that can discourage builders from trying new products or technologies. PATH zeroes in on these barriers to innovations and develops strategies for change.

PATH's Federal Partners

Public-sector partners include the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, and Labor, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Science Foundation, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development and th Department of Energy provide federal policy direction to the program. HUD administers the PATH secretariat. State and local officials interested in using new technologies in housing projects within their jurisdictions also participate in the program

"This is a time for us to ask how can we take advantage of the good times we have and the changes that are going on to meet the long-term challenges of AmericaÂ…That's what this PATH project is all about. It will be the most ambitious effort ever to help private home builders and home owners make cost-effective, energy-saving decisions that will pay big dividends throughout the 21st century...The power of this partnership is growing every day."

President Bill Clinton
Remarks Launching PATH
May 4, 1998

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