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13 Top Companies Hiring Now

Need a job? There's good news for the long-term unemployed. Job postings are soaring -- a sign that hiring is about to pick up. And a baker's dozen of big companies are looking for thousands of seasonal and permanent workers right now, according to the national job search site

Many of the recently posted jobs are for holiday positions -- people able to stock shelves, ring up sales and deliver merchandise to customers who have ordered online. However, advertisements for permanent positions are also up in every one of the dozen industries that Indeed tracks, said company CEO Paul Forster. In fact, postings are up more than 50% from year-ago levels in eight of 12 categories.

What companies are hiring?
Here are 13 top employers, ranked by the number of open positions they were trying to fill as of Thursday, Nov. 18, according to

1. Sears â€" 14,171

2. UPS â€" 12,604

3. JC Penney â€" 12,468

4. Macy's â€" 11,871

5. AT&T â€" 8,508

6. K Mart â€" 7,065

7. Verizon â€" 7,482

8. Kohl's- 6,005

9. Toys R Us- 5,334

10. Target - 4,185

11. Radio Shack - 3,611

12. Nordstrom â€" 3,314

13. FedEx- 3,019

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