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3M MPro110 Pocket Projector Reviewed

3m-mpro110.jpgRemember the 3M MPro110 pocket projector we previewed back in September? Those lucky propeller-heads at Gizmodo got their hands on a shipping unit and gave it the lightning-review treatment. Unfortunately, once the novelty wore off, they were left with a "toy" projector that just doesn't cut the business mustard. Here's an excerpt:

The MPro110 isn't going to be of help in a big boardroom--you can only get up to a 40-inch screen (by positioning it about 6 feet), but even then, fine details are blurred. Your best bet for readable viewing is a 20-inch screen at 4 feet. Ironically, this is more of a problem for the businesspeople for whom the product was intended--I didn't suffer much watching slightly blurred DVD rips or cable-box TV at the full 40 inches, though like most projectors, near-pitch darkness is required.
I guess it was inevitable that the MPro110 would be a bit of a letdown, given that it's a first-generation product. Still, for $349, it might yet make a worthwhile addition to your mobile arsenal. But I'm hoping other pocket projectors (like the Dell M109S) yield better results.
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