"48 Hours" podcast: The Widow

Two dead husbands. One mysterious widow. Could she be that unlucky?

The Widow on Solway Road
The Widow on Solway Road 43:48

Last Updated Sep 27, 2017 8:29 AM EDT

This is a podcast for all of you who tune into "48 Hours" on Saturday nights and want more. More of the evidence, more from witnesses, and maybe get a closer look at what we do every week to get to the bottom of a compelling mystery. Correspondent Erin Moriarty takes you inside the case of Raynella Leath: The Widow on Solway Road. Watch her investigation Saturday, July 14 at 10/9c on CBS.


Raynella Leath has spent decades battling suspicions about her past. Her first husband was said to be trampled to death by his own cattle. The death of her second husband was a reported suicide, with three shots fired.

Will details surface to prove she is a murderous widow? Or will the former nurse from Knox County, Tennessee, finally shed the rumors surrounding her?

In this multi-part podcast, Moriarty journeys into the life of the widow on Solway Road as Raynella Leath goes on trial for the murder of her second husband, David Leath.


PART 1: "Twist and Turns"

Every case has twist and turns, but this one will take your breath away. A woman loses two husbands, both under unusual circumstances. The media labels her a black widow. She says she's done nothing wrong. 

PART 2: "Suicide or Murder?"

Raynella Leath says she found her second husband dead in bed on March 13, 2003. She reported it as a suicide, but Investigators suspect murder.

PART 3: "The Prosecution"

There are no eye witnesses or physical evidence tying Raynella Leath to the death of her second husband.  Will circumstantial evidence be enough to convince jurors that she is guilty of murder?

PART 4: "The Defense"

The prosecution has made its case. It's now up to the defense. Did David Leath take his own life?

PART 5: "The Untold Story"

There's a part of Raynella Leath's past jurors were never told. Hear one man's story of being on the wrong end of Raynella Leath's gun. 

PART 6:  "The Judge, the Jury, the Verdict"

The trial ends in a way that no one sees coming.  Raynella Leath learns her fate.