A Closer Look: Cheryl Lamare

'Banging Into A Wall'

For nine years, Cheryl Lamare has fought to get her daughter back. She's made enormous sacrifices, but even so, has not been successful. Yet she hasn't given up. How does she deal with that frustration? And what does she hope for the future?

Here's what she had to say.

Future Plans
Cheryl: "We don't have any plans now. We don't know which direction we're going to go in yet. We're hoping when the show airs that somebody might come forward or we will hear something and be directed in the right direction, because up until now any direction that we have thought to take we've already done."

Stan Voulgarelis says he will never give up Jamie. (CBS)
On The Whereabouts Of Her Daughter and Ex-Husband

Cheryl: "I believe they are still on Crete. Anytime you pay anybody to locate them, it doesn't seem to be such a problem. And I believe anytime that, if I were to sit in downtown Crete for one week, that I would see them. I know he won't move from Crete because there's no place else he will be able to set up the protection he has for himself there."

On Taking The Long View

Cheryl: "Well, I have faith that that life is still... still.. there's still enough good in life, like my husband now, and my children now. Then, when things get too tough to live with in my mind or in my thoughts about Jamie, I ask God for strength. And life is long, you know, and Jamie and I will have the rest of our lives together. I had hoped to save her from the abuse that she's had to endure, that's why I left her father when she was 6 months old. And I continue to try to save any day I can for her, but I haven't been able to do that. But I'm not going to give up, because the value of life is good at any age."

Cheryl's daughter Ellie says she has a hard time forgiving her father for the abuse she says he committed. (CBS)

On Jamie's Future

Cheryl: "I'm hoping she will have been strong enough to endure and not give in to some of the psychological behaviors and lifestyles that after being abused... you can become very self-destructive and abusive to yourself also. I pray she doesn't do that to herself and she has the courage and the energy to be kind to herself and seek me out, and be in my life the est of her life. So I pray for that. It doesn't necessarily mean that's the way it will go but I don't have any control over that. I pray for her."

On Not Giving Up

Cheryl: "When you get to a wall and try to go through it and you can't go through, you have no choice, because you can't go through, but to try another direction."

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