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A Family In Need Comes Home

A week away from Thanksgiving, Habitat for Humanity volunteers from across the country gathered in Yonkers, New York, to help Michelle Hayes and her four daughters build a home of their own over a five-day construction period.

The building process was nationally televised as part of a weeklong CBS This Morning series called Welcome Home.

Home building expert and CBS News Consultant Bob Vila provided live reports from the construction site from Nov. 16-20. The Hayes home is one of the first joint efforts between Habitat for Humanity and the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), an initiative introduced by the White House last spring.

While it represented a chance for both organizations to lend a helping hand to a family in need, the unusual home also was built to showcase new construction technologies that not only reduce energy costs and environmental impact but make for sturdier, more comfortable homes.

The project was masterminded with the help of other partners, including APA - The Engineered Wood Association of Tacoma, Washington; Louisiana-Pacific Corporation of Portland, Oregon, Premier Building Systems of Fife, Washington, and Lucent Technologies of Murray Hill, New Jersey. Click here to read more...

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Written by Benita Green with graphic design by V.A. Burcop.
Photos by Mario de Carvalho.
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Sponsored in part by Louisiana-Pacific Corporation and the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing.


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