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A Makeover Looming for Apple TV?

Is Apple TV about to move beyond its experimental "hobby" phase?

Apple TV: Is an update in the works? Apple

According to what some anonymous sources have told Engadget, the answer is yes.

On Friday the gadget blog posted a report of what sounds like a detailed makeover of Apple TV in its current incarnation. The new device will be based on iPhone OS 4 software, including the homegrown A4 chip, 16GB of local flash storage, will come in a much smaller casing (reportedly the size of "iPhone without a screen"), will have just a few ports, and will cost $99. It's also going to stream 1080p video from the cloud direct to the device, instead of buying and storing all content locally.

Apple TV currently uses a stripped down version of Mac OS X, comes with a 160GB hard drive, and looks like a standard set-top box for the living room. And it currently costs $229. So the new rumored device would be quite a departure from the current hardware and software.

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