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A Not-So-Grand Slam

Sometimes doing our show can be hazardous to you health -- like in today's opening segment to kick off the 8:30 a.m. half hour! We were preparing for a visit with guest John McEnroe. Dave Price was dressed in tennis attire and wielding a racquet. He had taken a script and rolled it up into a little ball and was messing around with the crowd, trying to serve it, when WHACK!

His racquet came rashing down on the top of my head about 20 seconds before we were to go on air. It hurt, to be sure. The sound of it was much worse -- the entire plaza heard it! I was holding my head when we went on the air, explaining what happened, when McEnroe came rushing across the plaza to give Dave a hard time!

"Johnny Mac" and I are buddies from our years of covering Wimbledon together, so we had a lot of fun with the incident. And Mac defended me in vintage form, as you will see in this clip!

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