A surprise interview, explained

60 Minutes doesn't show up unannounced very often. Here's why Bob Simon decided to surprise this man on his doorstep.

60 Minutes doesn't show up unannounced very often. But this week, Bob Simon and producer Katherine Davis decided to surprise their subject on his doorstep. Surprise-- you're on 60 Minutes!

The scene harks back to the early days of 60 Minutes when Mike Wallace became famous for ambushing conmen and crooks, chasing them down with camera crews and a list of tough questions. It's an interview method that the show uses sparingly these days. Why was it necessary for Simon and the crew to leap out with the cameras this week?

In the above video feature, Simon and Davis explain their reasons--- and take us behind-the-scenes on their plan to shoot a surprise interview with Barry Landau, a self-styled presidential historian who stole thousands of priceless historic documents from archives and libraries across the country.