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Access Your PC Files From Your BlackBerry with SugarSync

You're a modern road warrior. You've got your hover car, your cyborg bodyguard, and access to all of the files on your PC from your BlackBerry. Wait a minute, you don't have any of those things! Well, let me get you started. SugarSync is a remote access service that gives you access to select files and folders from your phone.

We've mentioned SugarSync before, such as when Rick told you about six ways to make your netbook more like a notebook (spoiler alert: one way was to synchronize your files with a service like SugarSync). Well, the big news is that in addition to iPhone and Windows Mobile support, SugarSync now works with the BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry service is in beta and, like the other phones, can be tried for free for 45 days. Here's how it works: You specify folders on your PC that you want to make available, and that data is synchronized with the cloud. It's then made available with your BlackBerry and other computers. It's a great way to keep all your documents -- and even photos, video, and music, if you so desire -- in sync and always available.

After the trial period, SugarSync costs $50/year for 30GB. Or more, if you want extra bandwidth, all the way up to $250/year for 250GB. What do you think? Would you spend $50/year to have access to all your important data on your phone? Sound off in the comments.

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