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Adios, <i>Anchorwoman</i>

Friends, readers>, bloggers, lend me your eyeballs.

I post to bury "Anchorwoman," not to praise it.

According to trade magazine Broadcasting & Cable, the Fox reality program featuring a former bikini model/wrestling diva playing anchor for a month has been cancelled. After one episode. And replaced by repeats of a show that was barely watchable in its first run. As reported Thursday evening:

In the tradition of highly promoted flops that lasted just a single episode like ABC's Emily's Reasons Why Not last year, Fox canceled Anchorwoman, a network spokesperson confirmed Thursday afternoon.

The show -- about a former model and World Wrestling Entertainment performer who becomes a news anchor -- debuted Wednesday night to a miniscule 1.0 rating in the adult 18-49 demo.

The network will air repeats of Til Death in its place for at least the next three weeks.

A reassuring anecdote for your weekend: that highly-promoted pulchritude and belittling the media – two sure-fire crowd pleasers you'd think – aren't quite the formula for success that Fox envisioned it to be.
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