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Adobe Counters Apple with Pro-Flash Ad Campaign


Adobe Systems may not have a chief executive with Steve Jobs' high profile, but it does have money, and on Thursday it began spending some of it on an effort to rebut the Apple CEO's criticisms of Adobe's Flash technology.

The campaign includes a Web site promoting choice, an accompanying "truth about Flash" page rebutting some Apple criticisms, and a letter from Adobe co-founders Chuck Geschke and John Warnock that brings a personal answer to Jobs. They don't mention Jobs or or Apple by name, but there's no mistaking the target.

"The genius of the Internet is its almost infinite openness to innovation. New hardware. New software. New applications. New ideas. They all get their chance," the co-founders said in the letter. "In the end, we believe the question is really this: Who controls the World Wide Web? And we believe the answer is: nobody--and everybody, but certainly not a single company.

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