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Adultery site: Money back if you don't hook up

It's almost as if Mark Zuckerberg suddenly guaranteed that anyone who was your Facebook friend would become your real friend.

Here's the very clever, wily and highly seductive Noel Biderman, founder of adultery Web site Ashley, putting his money where his, um, whole luscious body is.

According to the Herald Sun, Biderman was over in Australia to renew his wedding vows. I am committed to seriousness when I say that.

Perhaps moved by the bliss that his own relationship has sponsored, he remembered to mention the magnanimous stiffener available to all those who desperately come to his site because their marriages have long since parted with the spirit of their vows. For Ashley Madison will give you your money back if you don't find temporary succor--as long as you follow its guidelines, of course.

"If you want to find the right level of success, we think there is the commitment level you need to make, and if it doesn't work out for you then we'll give you your money back," Biderman told the Herald Sun.

CNET has the full story here.

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