Against All Odds

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It is 29,028 feet of foreboding rock and ice: Mt. Everest. It has challenged and sometimes beaten even the bravest climbers. Among those who were willing to try: a 51-year-old professor who has only one foot. Last year, that climber, Tom Whittaker, tried to leave his footprint on Everest as the first disabled climber to make the ascent.

48 Hours Adventures takes you along as Whittaker takes his shot in "Against All Odds."

  • On Top Of The World: Last Spring, Whittaker finally made it to the peak of Everest. CBS News Producer Liza Finley was just a few thousand feet away at Base Camp, and filed an exclusive report. Hear it here.
  • The Limits Of Disability: How did Tom Whittaker make it to the top of Everest? Read the amazing story here.
  • A Very Expensive Mountain: How much money do you need to climb Mt. Everest? Quite a bit. Find out exactly how much.
  • Travelling For The Physically Disadvantaged: Want to find out about traveling designed for the physically disadvantaged? Check out our list of sites.
  • Mountain Links: Find out much more about Mt. Everest and Tom Whittaker with our list of sites.
  • Mapping The Climb: See the route that Whittaker took to get to the top.
  • Another Everest Pioneer: Earlier this year, climbers discovered the body of a man who may be George Mallory, who disappeared 75 years ago while trying to become the first person to climb Everest.