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Alberto Gonzales Says He's A Casualty Of The War On Terror

After maintaining a low profile since resigning as attorney general in 2007, Alberto Gonzales sat down for an interview with The Wall Street Journal and wasted no time in reigniting controversy.

While defending his record in the Bush administration, Gonzales lamented that "for some reason, I am portrayed as the one who is evil in formulating policies that people disagree with. I consider myself a casualty, one of the many casualties of the war on terror."

Gonzales was a frequent target of Bush administration critics due to his close relationship with the president and controversies over issues such as the firing of nine U.S. attorneys in 2006 and his role in the domestic eavesdropping program.

He is currently writing a book about his role in the Bush administration. Gonzales does not have a publisher but told the Journal he is writing it "for my sons, so at least they know the story."

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