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Alec Andronikov: Revolutionizing Mobile Advertising

Alec Andronikov is the CEO of Movoxx, the only mobile advertising agency focused exclusively on SMS messaging, the fastest growing media channel on mobile phones. Movoxx allows marketers to target their ads by geographic, demographic, or contextual parameters. Andronikov discusses the difficulty of hiring for a start-up company, as well as learning from his mistakes.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing Marketers are typically looking for two things:

• Targetted services
• Cost effectiveness

Mobile marketing provides an exceptional way to satisfy these two objectives by means of a system that delivers exact ROI- trackable clicks, click to calls and click thru metrics.
Offerings and Services: mobile marketing provides use of mobile coupons as well as instant promotion alerts via text message. About 134 million American adults have cellphones and about 27% of them have used text messages (Pew Internet and American Life Project, an initiative of the Pew Research Center).

Going Mainstream- General Optimism in the Market iPhone's launch last year has brought the concept of browsing the web on your mobile device into the mainstream. Marketers are abuzz about the trend and project limitless possibilities.

Inc.Com contributor Leigh Buchanan reveals the optimism surrounding this nascent industry in "Mobile Phones: A Pocketful of Marketing."

Limbo released survey results on Mobile Marketing:
• 39% of mobile phone users in Q3 recalled some form of mobile advertising. (This is an increase from 31% a year ago)
• SMS generally receives 1% to 2% response rates
• 64% of those recalling SMS ads as male, and the mean age of those recalling mobile ads generally is increasing rapidly, from just under age 35 in Q1 to 38 in Q3.

GFK Technology's count:
• 60.1 million of us recall SMS.

Their count of overall mobile Web use (78 million) is considerably higher than the 36 to 43 million that M:Metrics and Nielsen estimate.

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