Allman on 7th marriage: "This is my first wife"

Gregg Allman on "CBS This Morning."
Gregg Allman on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) The Allman Brothers Band legend Gregg Allman, 64, recently revealed that he's planning to tie the knot with his 24-year-old fiancee. Allman, once married to superstar Cher, has married and divorced six times.

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But this time around, he says it's different. Wednesday on "CBS This Morning" he told Gayle King, "This is my first wife. ... It's just - it's altogether different. I'm sober. I don't know, there, for a while, I thought, 'Man, it's definitely you. It's got to be you.' But - well, there's a few things I could tell you, but they're just too private."

In addition to his love life, Allman discussed his family, his music, and why he's decided to go on the road again. Watch his full "CBS This Morning" interview in the player above.

Allman's new memoir "My Cross to Bear" is available now in bookstores and online.