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Amy Schumer ejects sexist heckler at Stockholm stand-up show

It’s unwise to heckle Amy Schumer, but at least try to avoid being blatantly sexist if you must.

A Swedish man become part of the “Trainwreck” star’s set recently when he tried to interrupt her with a rude comment, a move for which she was quick to punish him. 

Schumer had just begun a stand-up gig in Stockholm Wednesday when an audience member shouted out, “Show us your t**s,” according to video Schumer posted online.

Instead of simply ignoring him, Schumer paused her set and told the crowd, “OK, wait, I want the guy who just yelled ‘show us your t**s’ to come up here. Everybody point at him, so I know which one.”

Schumer then identified the man and interrogated him about his job, which turned out to be in sales. “Sales?” Schumer asked. “How’s that working out? Is it going well? Because we’re not buying it.”

“That’s really cute, but if you yell out again, you’re going to be yelling ‘show your t**s’ to people in the parking lot, because you’re going to get thrown out,” she said. “I’ll show my tits when I want to.”

But the heckler clearly didn’t take her threat seriously, as he soon yelled out at her again, prompting Schumer to have him removed from the venue. 

“We’re going to miss you so much. I already miss you,” she said.

Amy Schumer Gets Heckled in Stockholm by Amy Schumer on YouTube
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