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An iPhone 5 rumor guide for the perplexed

When it comes to talking about, well, most anything beyond the day's weather, Apple is famous for maintaining radio silence. That's no help to the rest of us attempting to make sense of the seemingly non-stop parade of rumors attending the deets and the debut date for Apple's next version of the iPhone.

But even without Apple's help, there are enough signs to suggest that a big announcement is imminent. The most credible indication came just yesterday when MacRumors reported that former Apple employees are being brought back to work part-time between August 15 and September 15. Pair that with a separate report that AT&T is preparing its employees for more foot traffic at its stores in September.

Needless to say this is not going to be the last of it. After all, we're talking about Apple,, perhaps the most gossiped about company in Silicon Valley. So, if past is prologue, the rumors will be flying with even more abandon in coming days and weeks. But if you're trying to keep on top of everything, don't pull out your hair in frustration. Our sister site CNET has put together this very handy iPhone 5 rumor roundup page that will get updated regularly with the latest buzz about a product that no doubt will dominate the tech discussion this fall.

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