Ann Romney: Mitt can be "wild and crazy"

Ann and Mitt Romney on "CBS This Morning" May 1, 20102
Ann and Mitt Romney on "CBS This Morning" May 1, 20102

(CBS News) The notion that Mitt Romney is still or unpersonable is a narrative that's just not true, his wife Ann Romney said Tuesday on "CBS This Morning."

"I think in politics this is what always happens," Ann Romney said. "There is a narrative, you like to put someone in a box and keep them in a box."

As the Romney campaign transitions to the general election, it's using Ann to help voters get to know the candidate. So far, polls show Mitt Romney has low favorability ratings among voters and that voters feel like President Obama is more relatable.

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But taking Mitt playfully by the shoulders, Ann Romney said Tuesday, "I still look at him as the boy that I met in high school when he was playing all the jokes and really just being crazy, pretty crazy. And so there's a wild and crazy man inside of there just waiting to come out!"

Ann Romney said that in spite of the media narrative that her husband isn't relatable, voters come away liking him after meeting him or attending one of his campaign events.

Mitt Romney said he's getting to know people personally on the campaign trail.

"One of the highlights for me has been sitting down with three or four families almost every day without the cameras there and talking about what's going on in their lives," he said on CTM. "That's a wonderful way for me to understand what people are really feeling."

He added, however, that people are going to vote not for the candidate they like, but "for someone who can make their life better."

"People are having a real hard time in this country," he said. "They want someone who can get America's economy right again."