Anna Faris on tackling serious themes with "comedic touch"


(CBS News) While most fans know the star of the new CBS sitcom, "Mom," Anna Faris, as being a funny girl from movies such as "The House Bunny" and "The Dictator," she didn't start out looking for a comedic career. Faris actually began acting in theater productions.

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"I grew up doing theater in Seattle and I was always doing really dramatic work and I got "Scary Movie" and now I can't get out of this comedic (role)," she said on "CBS This Morning."

"CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose pointed out that Late Night host Jimmy Fallon says that Faris has great comedic timing. Faris explained that she thinks having this ability to be funny has a lot to do with rhythm and listening to the people that you're acting with.

Faris said that for her, it's not just about being funny, but that there's a "sincerity of character" with her roles. She said that it's important to "respect" who she is playing even if they are an awful or crazy person.

In her current role on "Mom," Faris plays Christy, a newly-sober mother of two. Her character, as well as her character's mother Bonnie played by Allison Janney, were both teen mothers and are recovering addicts. The show addresses the issues of the family dysfunction and their addiction in a way that makes Faris proud.

Anna Faris on playing complex character on CBS' "Mom"

"I love it that our show deals with all these serious themes and with a comedic touch," she said. "It's really exciting for me as an actor to get to explore some of these darker areas."

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