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Another Twist In Fahey Mystery

Thirty-year-old Anne Marie Fahey was secretary to Delaware's Governor until 2 years ago, when her disappearance made headlines in Wilmington and beyond.

President Clinton even offered the services of the FBI to help find Fahey, CBS News Correspondent Maggie Cooper reports.

Suspicion eventually fell on Fahey's married lover Thomas Capano, a wealthy lawyer and former prosecutor.

"I just think the alleged murder of a young woman by an older man that was really well known, it's almost like the O.J. Simpson case." says Chris Barrish, a reporter for the Wilmington News Journal.

"I believe Tom Capano murdered Anne Marie because she wouldn't date him anymore and he couldn't accept her saying no," says Fahey family friend Kevin Freel.

That's what investigators believed, but Capano denied it. And they had no body, no murder weapon, and no witnesses, until seventeen months later, when Capano's younger brother admitted helping Thomas dump Ann Marie's body into the ocean.

Prosecutors claim Thomas Capano murdered his young mistress on a June night in 1996. Now, in the latest twist in this bizarre tale of wealth, passion and betrayal, defense attorneys say Capano was not alone with Ann Marie Fahey that night.

After two years of denials, defense attorneys now admit their client did dispose of the body, but say Ann Marie died in a tragic accident. They claim to have a mystery witness to support their story.

Capano's attorneys refuse to name the witness, but those familiar with the case say the defense team may try to pin Fahey's death on yet another of Capano's longtime lovers. As this trial unfolds, jurors are not the only ones paying close attention.

"You can put it behind you for awhile but it's always right below the surface. Something will happen or you'll hear a laugh, so it's never going to totally go away," says Freel.

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