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Apple Delays "Leopard" For iPhone

Apple had a hit with the iPod, and it looks like it might have a hit with its upcoming iPhone … but that success may come at a price. The company says it's delaying the release of its upgraded operating system for its Macintosh computers.

When Microsoft delayed the release of Windows Vista from October 2006 to January 2007, Apple fans rejoiced at what appeared to be a stumble by their long-time rival. Now, it's Apple's turn.

The Mac maker says it's delaying the release of the next version of its operating system –codenamed "Leopard" – from June until October. On its website, Apple says the delay is because it needs to borrow resources from the Leopard project to complete the upcoming iPhone – the combination iPod, cell phone and wireless Internet device that created quite a buzz when it was announced back in January.

iPhone is scheduled to be released in June… Apple's stock fell three percent on news of the delay, but analysts and customers may forgive it if the iPhone delivers on the hype.

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