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Art Buying on the Web

They're in all the malls these days. Shops selling art reproductions, where you can pick prints and have them framed. But just try asking them to show you a print mounted in different frames with different mats. A web site called, makes it simple. Artuframe is trying to become to art....what is to books. Company head Bill Lederer...

"Because we have a hundred thousand prints and posters that you can search for virtually any which way, it's quite likely that we have what you're looking for. But you may be looking for it in ways that you couldn't traditionally find. For example, you may be looking by the predominant colors in the piece, or maybe by subject matter or by category, but you might know the name of the artist, but you don't know the name of the piece."

. The technology used on the site lets you find prints that match the color scheme of a room, then you can see what they would look like with different color mats and different kinds of frames. As you make your selections, the site shows you what the total price would be. Compare it to the stores and...

"Our pricing is better. I've not seen any stores that are able to compete on the same basis that we do, either from the perspective of selection or from cost. Everything on our site is discounted at least 20 percent and we're always running specials at a deeper discount both for framed and unframed art."

Often, prints can be shipped the same day or the next day. You'll find a link to the site from

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