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Atomic Tom Subway Song Burns Up Internet

Thanks to the iPhone and YouTube, the Brooklyn-based quartet Atomic Tom exploded from obscurity to celebrity after posting a video of themselves playing a unique version of their song "Take Me Out" on a New York City subway train.

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The band, Luke White (vocals), Philip Galitzine (bass), Tobias Smith (drums) and Eric Espiritu (guitar), used various iPhone apps that mimic musical instruments to create the memorable performance. The band can also play actual musical instruments, and performed live on "The Early Show" Monday.

But it's their all-tech video that's really making the band famous. After just three days, the video had received a million hits and now, two weeks later, the video has been viewed nearly three-and-a-half million times.

Click on the video below to see their hit song performed live on "The Early Show."

Also, check out their swift rise to fame:

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