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AUDIO: Motivate Yourself to Cold Call


Last week, I posted a 7 step process to get motivated to cold call. (See "Get Insanely Motivated to Cold Call.") A reader suggested in a comment that I come up with a way to help people who cold call in person while on the road. That's pretty easy, because the sequence is exactly the same, except that you do your "prep up" anyplace you can find where you're alone.

In most cases, this means getting yourself prepared in the restroom or in your car. Both are places, however, where you might not have a computer handy. With that in mind, I've prepared an audio version of the seven step process. To make it more generally useful, I've followed the process that you use when telephoning, but the audio would work just as well for prepping yourself for an in-person call.

You can listen to the clip online using the button console above, or you can download it as an mp3 file by right clicking and doing a "Save As" on the following link:

READERS: Let me know if this podcast is useful. If you like it, I could make some more of this blog available in this form. I'd even spurge and use a real microphone next time.

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