"Avengers: Engame" fans prepped for release with epic Marvel marathon

Fans pack theaters for Marvel movie marathon
Fans pack theaters for Marvel movie marathon 04:17

Before "Avengers: Endgame" premiered to fans across the country Thursday night, fans caught up on all 21 Marvel movies that came before it. Brooklyn's Alamo Drafthouse was one of a dozen theaters in North America to screen every movie in Marvel's cinematic universe.

The movie marathon brought Richie Zampetti up from Florida.

"Why not? It's 22 movies in three days. It's an experience and a half and I get to take my nephew," he said.

Andrew Rivera brought his somewhat reluctant mother, Minerva.

"I said that's for young people," she said.

To train for watching nearly three days of Marvel movies in a theater, Sam Chea spent the same amount of time watching from his couch. Endurance matters. So does having the right supplies.

"I've got Advil on me, I've got Tums," Chea said.

Rivera said he brought his own toothbrush, toothpaste and some face wipes.

Between movies, fans were given breaks to stretch their legs or get some fresh air, while fans helped cleaning crews freshen the theater, which was fully staffed 24/7. Popcorn, soda and was free. But there was also a full restaurant menu, leaving head chef Xavier and an entire kitchen staff to serve food all day and all night.

In 11 years, the 21 movies that make up the Marvel cinematic universe have grossed more than any other film franchise, totaling more than $18.5 billion. The release of "Avengers: Endgame" could push global earnings over $20 billion.   

After a full day of watching Marvel movies, one fan admitted he was a little tired. But others were feeling "energized."

"I feel excited because I get to see how the characters came to be and it just feels different. Every movie feels totally different," said Nick Mone.

Of course being cooped up in a theater most of the day makes it hard to keep track of everything else happening in the world. Tuesday night's screening of "Thor" and "Captain America" coincided with Philadelphia, Portland and Toronto all advancing in the NBA playoffs.

"Spider Man" was on the screen when Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin held their historic summit. When Joe Biden announced he was running for president Thursday, fans were enjoying "Black Panther," which Time magazine ranked as Marvel's best of all time.

Reviews for "Avengers: Endgame" call it "a thrilling, time-twisting conclusion," "an emotional wipeout" and "a fitting send-off."