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Bachelor Sean Lowe doesn't like being "famous"

He may have been looking for love, but he's not looking for fame.

Well, tough cha chas, my friend. After appearing on two dating shows where it was his job to confess his sincerest feelings, weep and lock lips with multiple eager-to-please women -- and then propose on national television -- privacy is not something that seemed high on Sean Lowe's priority list.

But that's apparently what the 29-year-old Bach wants. And you know what the best way to get back to normal is? Sign up for ANOTHER reality show? Me thinks Sean's been sniffing too many roses. A mere 24-hours after America watched with bated-breath as he dropped down on bended knew to propose to now-fiancee, Catherine Giudici, 26, Lowe is claiming that all he wants is to get out of the spotlight.

Which is why he's just signed on to awkwardly leap and glide his way through this season's "Dancing With the Stars." But despite choosing to appear in his third reality show in under two years, Lowe told reporters that what he's really seeking is a bit of normalcy. Good luck with that, my rose-pedaling friend.

"I've always said that I'm not looking for fame," the good-ol' Texas boy told reporters in a teleconference on Tuesday. "In fact, I don't like the fame aspect of being the 'Bachelor' or being on 'Dancing With the Stars.' I can't go out in Dallas with my buddies anymore because I'm left taking pictures the whole night because people -- you know, they recognize me and they want to take pictures." (Well cry us a river, Sean, it's just soooo hard to be adored.)

But when asked why he would then put himself in the limelight again on ABC's hit dancing show, he explained that it was just too good of an opportunity to decline. And luckily his new fiancee will be behind him every two-step of the way.

"I don't want the fame itself, but when an opportunity like 'Dancing With the Stars' comes along, it's too good to pass up," he said. "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I wouldn't have taken it had Catherine not been okay with it. She is fully supporting me. She's in my corner. She's going to be along in this crazy ride with me."

However, Lowe claims that after his dancing foray the couple will likely leave L.A. -- unless he gets offered another too-hard-to-pass-up opportunity of course.

"At some point, we want to have a life with some normalcy to it," he said. "That's not to say, I mean, opportunities may pop up that are just great and we might feel that they're great for us as a couple. ...I think after 'Dancing With the Stars,' there's a good chance we'll head to Dallas or go somewhere and resume a normal life."

And by normal life he means, getting married on television in front of millions of strangers.

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