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Barbra Streisand at Grammys: What Happened with Glee's Lea Michele?

Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson present album of the year at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 13, 2011. (AP) Matt Sayles

(CBS) The scuttlebutt: On Friday Barbra Streisand was asked if she wanted to appear on the massively popular show "Glee." According to E!, her answer was, "Not if I can help it."


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On Monday, E! reports that Streisand went out of her way to show that she likes "Glee" and wasn't trying to sound like a hater.

The proof: a couple of tweets from "Glee" cast member Lea Michele, who writes, "As if this night at the Grammys wasn't amazing enough...waiting at the valet... Mrs Barbra Streisand came up to me. I can barely breath..."

Her follow-up tweet reads, "She was so wonderful, kind and beyond nice. I can't believe I just met my idol. I feel so blessed and thankful right now..."

Good on ya, Babs. Now the "Glee" cast is theorizing about how they'd get Streisand on the show.

"She'd have to play something really good," Matthew Morrison tells E! "Maybe the lunch lady!"

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