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Basic Protection For Your Computer

With another virus on the loose, CBS News Technology Consultant Larry Magid reviews basic security tips for

  • Get antivirus protection for your computer. McAfee or Norton are popular packages. Update it frequently and set the options to scan e-mail as well as other files.
  • Don't open any attachment if you are not expecting it, even if it is from someone you know.
  • Backup your data (and keep a backup copy in a different location in case of fire.)
  • Only download software from reputable sources.

    Magid says the biggest danger of catching a virus is from e-mail or software downloaded from the Internet. He recommends being very careful with all e-mail attachments. Make sure there is a good reason to open the attachment.

    He says one good source of information is the CERT Coordination Center at Carnegie Mellon. The center studies Internet security vulnerabilities, publishes statistics regarding incidents and develops ways to improve security.

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