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Benjamin Wayne: Customized Video Solutions

Fliqz Gives Small Businesses The Chance To Compete
Benjamin Wayne is the CEO of Fliqz, a site which empowers businesses to reach mass market audiences by giving them the tools to put video assets online. Wayne has created customizable video solutions that are cheap and easy to develop, allowing his clients the ability to compete with large corporations. He talks about the importance of customization and branding, as well as looking at existing market demands.

Online Video Still a New Frontier Though online video has been delivering in terms of offering companies a new and powerful tool, there is still a lot that web site owners don't know and have not harnessed. This brought the growth of the Fliqz market. They offer solutions that are easy to implement, cost effective and that really can support brands online. With video technology advancement, Wayne feels that consumers are finally able to consume content online in the way they want to... not reading, which he claims people hate to do, but through viewing.
How Do Site Owners Monetize Video Content? Wayne reports in an interview with Tech News World that,

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