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Sanders supporters protest George Clooney fundraiser for Clinton

SAN FRANCISCO -- Supporters of Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign organized a protest on Friday night outside a high-dollar fundraiser here for Hillary Clinton, hosted by George and Amal Clooney.

Clinton, on a two-day swing through California, arrived only minutes after the protesters -- about 100 in total, according to police officers on site -- gathered near the Nob Hill home of Shervin Peshivar, an entrepreneur, investor and Democratic donor. Police officers blocked off access to the home from both sides of the street.

"Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Hillary Clinton has got to go!" the protesters chanted, some banging on pots and pans. Many in the group wore what appeared to be official Sanders campaign merchandise, including t-shirts, messenger bags and buttons, though protesters told CBS News that the campaign had no part in organizing the event.

"This is individuals," said Cassandra Inglesby, a 27-year-old game designer and Sanders supporter, "all sorts of different people with different political views who don't believe or agree with Hillary Clinton or Hillary Clinton's views."

Inglesby explained that she decided to take part in the protest because "big money should not be involved in politics."

"It supports the notion that only millionaires, billionaires and corporations have an impact on the government," said Inglesby, who wore white gauges emblazoned with Sanders' logo in both of her ears. "The government should be for the people, by the people and of the people."

Another protestor on a megaphone was more damning: "We know that this is political bribery, openly accepted in our country!"

Clinton's event on Friday raised money for the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee for Clinton's campaign, the Democratic National Committee and state Democratic parties. Individuals contributed $33,400 to attend while "event chairs" contributed or raised $353,400 per couple, according to an invitation.

Clooney is hosting a second fundraiser for Clinton in Los Angeles on Saturday.

"Nothing is going to change until we get that big money out of politics," said Christopher Ray, a 30-year-old tour guide and Sanders supporter. "Hillary Clinton today is demonstrating that she's still in bed with those people."

The protest Friday was organized as the tension between the two candidates, as well as their supporters, continues to rise. Reports of Sanders supporters threatening and harassing Clinton supporters, including committed super delegates, have surfaced in recent days and weeks.

"This is different because this is a protest against corporate financing of elections," Ray said. "'Bernie Bros going and harassing leaders...I think is completely uncalled for and it needs to end."

But Ray added: "I think it's really important to be calling those people and leave a passionate, informed message about why they should support Bernie Sanders. Do not ever be bashing them."

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