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Best Backyard Toys

With the coming of spring, many backyards become playgrounds. But how can you make yours the best on the block?

David Gregg, senior editor of, shared some really fun, really big toys to create your own amusement park:

Laser tag:
Taggers cost between $750 and $1100.
Playing fields with rental equipment will cost about $20/hour
Click here for more information.

For information on bringing the air jumper or laser tag to your home or event contact: or call 845-590-7777.

Spaceball combines many of the skills of volleyball and basketball with the added thrill of the trampoline. A great recreational activity that anyone can learn to play almost immediately; you just bounce and throw the ball through the hoop. The other person can either block the ball (as in volleyball) as it comes through the basket or catch it.

Easy to learn, fun to play
Fast-paced action
Hours of fun
Almost all ages can play
Improves aerobic conditioning
Increases endurance, balance and coordination
Burn calories and improve physical fitness

Price: 12-foot model, $639.00 14-foot model, $749 (includes shipping), available at

Monkey Motion Jumper
Extreme Engineering's innovate jumper system uses a patented fiberglass pole technology. The jumper system was awarded "Best New Product" in the entertainment industry by IAAPA. New for 2010, the stationary Extreme Air jumper system, is a low-cost solution for family entertainment centers and sporting complexes. The stationary system provides a fast ROI and short cycle times. The pole technology and new inflatable pad allows participants to spring up to 18 feet in the air.

Price: $8,499.95, available

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