Big stores get into the fast food game


(CBS News) McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's may be facing some unlikely competition when it comes to fast food - some big box stores are keeping their customers coming back for more by serving food.

Ikea has been a worldwide household name for over three decades, but not everybody comes with household furnishings in mind. Near the exit of Ikea stores, you can get organic crepes, Norwegian salmon, potato and broccoli for $3.99.

"You can't beat it," said Ikea diner Andrea Morrissey, "There's no restaurant with these prices."

"Isn't this pretty amazing? Look at what we've come to call fast food," said restaurant critic Danyelle Freeman. "This isn't your cut and paste food court. This is a full-fledged restaurant."

Americans gorged on Ikea's signature dish the Swedish meatball last year: a record 112 million.

Costco also serves food by its exit. "Whenever I come to Costco I look forward to coming to the snack bar," Costco shopper Rose Gigiudo said. "Because you can't get a better deal. I mean a hot dog for a buck fifty? Where else are you gonna get that?

A Bay Area Costco sells about 4,700 hot dogs a week. The $1.50 price tag hasn't changed in 30 years. "It's a value for our customers and it'll never change," said manager John Hill.

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