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Bizarro World: Reid Backs Bush, Rs Don't

Harry Reid, who once called President Bush a "loser," almost seem like BFF* for this one moment in time.

Reid and other Democrats are praising the $17.4 billion auto industry bailout while several Republicans have criticized it.

Here's Reid's statement on the White House bailout of the auto industry:

"I am pleased that the administration’s latest offer incorporates most of the terms of the agreement struck with Congress last week – providing emergency funds to prevent our auto industry from going bankrupt while requiring necessary concessions to make the companies viable for the long term. And we are sending the auto executives who brought us to this point the clear message that if they do not soon find a way to become viable, they will lose government support."

“Under this proposal, important decisions will be left to the next Administration to make or oversee. It’s important that all stakeholders take appropriate steps to ensure the longevity of the American auto industry. We look forward to continued cooperation and collaboration with the current Administration and the next to help achieve responsible reforms of the Big Three.

“This must be resolved as quickly as possible so that Americans who spend their days at the core of our nation’s manufacturing sector can know they have a job to go to and a paycheck to take home during the holiday season.” 

* BFF translation for the unhip: "Best Friends Forever"

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