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Boy uses creative method to pull out a loose tooth

(CBS News) When you're a kid and have a loose tooth, you pretty much want to get it out. And while most of us probably just wiggled it over time, and some may have even gone for the old string tied to a doorknob, one young boy drives to his own drummer.  You'll see what I mean.

The video showing a rather creative use of a remote-controlled car for extracting loose baby teeth was posted by YouTube user utah18 who writes:

Easton losing his 1st tooth on his 1st day of 1st grade. We tied some dental floss to the back of a R/C monster truck and let Easton have the controls.

While I was definitely a bit hesitant at first on this one, it's pretty clear that Easton didn't suffer any pain from the pull and his reaction afterwards was totally priceless. A very cute video showing a childhood experience we can all relate. Thanks so much for sharing with us and the world, utah18!
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