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Bring Your Coffee Pot to Work

rei travel mugA cup of coffee (or two) is an essential part of my morning routine. Besides keeping me awake, caffeine also does lots of other wonderful things: improve short-term memory; reduce post-workout soreness; and even make those morning meetings feel remarkably shorter [PDF].

In order to avoid drinking crappy coffee from work, a lot of people (including yours truly) buy a to-go cup as part of their morning routine. But besides for the incredible cumulative cost—check out this chart for the depressing details—a store-bought cup only gets me to about 10 am before I need another kick. (That also holds true when I bring a cup in a travel mug from home.)

There is a way to have multiple cups of great coffee every day without breaking the bank. Get a double-shot French press mug ($27 from Amazon) that allows you to brew a cup of your favorite Joe on the go, and has an airtight storage container attached to the bottom that holds enough grounds for two more cups later in the day. All you need is access to hot water. (For the sporty set, there's a similar REI version that's a couple bucks cheaper.) Both presses also work well for picky tea drinkers who eschew pre-packaged bags of their caffeine of choice.

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