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Bring Your Water-Soaked Gadget Back from the Dead

blackberry-in-rice.jpgFunny how PDAs, phones, and other gadgets always seem to find their way into toilets, washing machines, and other watery graves. Fortunately, going for an unintended swim doesn't always mean the end of the road for electronic gear. Consider the Washington Post writer who recently revived a commode-dunked BlackBerry by putting it to bed in a bowl of uncooked rice (which, in theory, magically absorbed the moisture from the device's innards). Another option: soak the sucker in alcohol (which you can later use to drown your sorrows if it doesn't work). Of course, if you're not in a hurry, you can just wait a few days for your gadget to dry out on its own, then see if the dunk did any permanent damage.

Got a story of device-drowning woe to share? Or a tip on how to revive your water-logged little buddy? Click the Comments link atop this post and make like Mavis Beacon.

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