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Britny Haarup, Ashley Key: Clifford Miller charged with two counts of first-degree murder in deaths of Missouri sisters, police say

Britny Haarup (l.) and Ashley Key (r.) CBS News

(CBS/AP) KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri police arrested Clifford Miller in connection to the deaths of sisters Ashley Key and Britny Haarup, whose bodies were found in a field nearby Haarup's home, an official said.

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Sheriff Richard Anderson said 31-year-old Miller was charged Monday with two counts of first-degree murder in the Friday slayings of Key, 22 and Haarup, 19. The women were killed in the Edgerton home, about 35 miles north of Kansas City, and their bodies were dumped in a nearby field.

Matt Meyers, Haarup's fiancé, discovered the women were missing when he returned home Friday. Meyers is the father of Haarup's 6- and 18-month-old children, whom he found alone but unhurt at their home.

Anderson said Miller was high on methamphetamine when he went to Haarup's home Friday with the intent of having sex with her. Although they never had a sexual relationship, Miller was attracted to her.

Miller was surprised to find Key sleeping on the couch, not knowing she was staying with her sister. He beat her and then smothered her with a pillow when Key confronted him. Miller then decided to kill Haarup, hitting her on her head while she was sleeping and then smothered her, Anderson said.

Miller placed the children together in a bedroom and then smoked more methamphetamine before leaving in a pickup truck parked at the house. He later dumped the women's bodies at a farm in Clinton County, where they were discovered Sunday night, Anderson said.

Police received a tip that Miller was trying to sell guns taken from Haarup's home, which led authorities to him later Sunday. He admitted to the killings and told police where the bodies could be found, the Anderson said.

Miller is being held on a $500,000 cash-only bond.

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