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"Broad City" stars talk about working with Hillary Clinton

There's no question that "Broad City" characters Abbi and Ilana are fangirling pretty hard on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a new promo, but the stars, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, have clarified that they aren't necessarily endorsing her, either.

Vulture reports that at a SXSW panel, Jacobson told the audience, "I think that we were not trying to make a political statement. Our writing process is that we wrote season three a year ago, and we weren't like -- that's not our show, really -- 'Let's make a political stance here.' It's really more that this is something that Ilana's character would do. And Hillary, even regardless of where we stand -- and we love Hillary -- Hillary is such an iconic figure."

In a clip from Comedy Central, Abbi and Ilana are at Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters, where Ilana has been volunteering.

"She's walked on these floors. She's breathed this air -- take it in," Ilana instructs Abbi.

"Yeah, that is power," Abbi responds. "Smells like confi-dance."

But the two stop dead in their tracks when they are approached by none other than Clinton herself, who gives them not just one, but two winks. Naturally, she gets a big "Yass" in return from the stunned pair.

Jacobson and Glazer explained at SXSW that they never really expected to reel in Clinton as a cameo, but their executive producer, Amy Poehler, was able to use her connections and make it happen.

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