Brooks & Dunn will "never" reunite, Dunn says

Ronnie Dunn on "CBS This Morning."
Ronnie Dunn on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) The country duo Brooks & Dunn wore more awards and sold more records than any other pairing in country music history. After more than two decades together, Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn split up in 2009.

Though the duo parted on good terms, Dunn said Thursday on "CBS This Morning" that he would never team up again with his former co-star. "Are you kidding me? Never," Dunn laughed when asked if the two would reunite. "What is (the phrase) - 'when hell freezes over?' I'll play that.

Of his relationship with Brooks, Dunn said, "We're still really good friends. I hear from him on the road. I'll text him and he'll call me and says, 'Where are you?' He'll say, 'I'm in L.A. in a honky-tonk, a beer joint.'"

Dunn recently released his first solo album called "Special Edition."

As a younger artist, he and Brooks went to Arista Records with hopes of becoming solo singers. "We thought we were going to be songwriters together," Dunn said. "I thought (Brooks) was being brought in to be a songwriter for me and he thought I was being brought in to be a songwriter for him."

However, the label head eventually suggested they become a duo. Dunn said, "We looked at one another and thought, 'I'm not making a ton of money right now.'"

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