Bush Speaks About The Future

Texas Governor Talks About His Battle For The White House

In his first prime-time interview since election night, George W. Bush told CBS News Correspondent Scott Pelley that Al Gore is not a sore loser. Pelley's exclusive interview with Bush will be broadcast on 60 Minutes II Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

A day after victories in the U.S. Supreme Court and a Florida circuit court, Bush sat down with Pelley to talk about the latest turn of events in his battle for the White House.

Bush said he could "not really" imagine a scenario in which he'd lose, but added, "until there's finality, call me Governor."

When asked if he thought Gore was a sore loser for choosing to go ahead with an appeal after yesterday's losses in court, Bush responded, "Not at all. I mean, listen…he and I share something, we both put our heart and soul into the campaign. And he gave it his all and I darn sure gave it my all. And, however it comes out, I'm confident that he will do the right thing for the country and I know I will as well."

"I don't think it's time for me to be labeling anybody … because I do understand what it means to have put your all into a campaign and hope that it comes out the way you want it come out … I think he's doing what he thinks is right," Bush said.

Bush also discussed his conversations with Gore on election night, the legitimacy of his "win" if he becomes the next president and possible cabinet candidates, including Jeb Bush and Colin Powell.

Asked if he was giving any thought to making his brother Jeb the Attorney General, as President John F. Kennedy did for Robert Kennedy, the Texas governor said, "Yes, I've given it thought. I've spent about two seconds on it. The answer's no."

"First of all he didn't go to law school, and secondly he's a fine man, but he needs to be in Florida doing the job of Governor of Florida," Bush said. "No he's not gonna be asked, and he doesn't expect to be asked, so no."