After Northeast sweep, will GOP fall in line behind Donald Trump?

Dickerson: "Stop Trump" movement losing steam... 02:11

Another round of primary voting, and Donald Trump marches on. The Republican front-runner easily swept all five competitions in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

Why Trump seems pleased with the Cruz-Kasich ... 02:44

"The question now is, do Republicans start to fall in line behind him, or does the fact that Donald Trump is marching toward the nomination give us one more last spasm from the stop Trump movement," said John Dickerson, host of "Face the Nation."

Dickerson said the main thing to watch is Trump's foreign policy speech set for Wednesday.

"If after the speech there's a lot of quick and ready praise for him, we'll know that Republicans are starting to fall in line behind him."

To hear what else Dickerson had to say about the Republican race, as well as the Democratic contest, watch the video above.