Chinese weigh in on Donald Trump's campaign

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BEIJING -- In China these days, just Donald Trump's picture triggers opinions.

"He's a little bit crazy," one man told CBS News. Another said he thinks Trump would be "much tougher" on China.

Guan Xin takes clips from the campaign trail and translates them into Chinese. Then he posts them online with subtitles for his 370,000 followers on Weibo -- China's version of Twitter.

Two men in Beijing tell CBS News' Seth Doane what they really think about Donald Trump CBS News

He said when he is going through the comments, people are talking much more about Donald Trump than the other candidates -- and the opinions range greatly.

"From a total liar and bigot, to the only truth-telling candidate," Guan said.

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Just a last fall, some people couldn't tell us the difference between Trump and Jeb Bush. Now, Trump's name recognition in Beijing has increased after he took so many high-profile jabs at China.

"I think his business actually needs China. I don't know why he says something very mean," one woman told us.

But even 7,000 miles away, the politics of it all are pretty clear: "I think this is kind of a strategy so he can win and maybe get some more attention."