How a Republican contested convention would work

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Republicans are planning for what may be their first contested convention in 40 years. John Dickerson, CBS News political director and anchor of "Face the Nation," was briefed Monday on the convention rules by RNC officials.

Dickerson explained that the procedures are complicated, and the party wants to make sure the public understand how it works.

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"Before the delegates even get to the business of voting on the nominee for example, there's an opportunity for disagreement over the rules and even who's eligible to be a delegate in the first place," Dickerson said.

"At the convention, all the candidates and their supporters are going to be energized and on the lookout for tricks and shenanigans," he continued.

Dickerson also broke down how delegates vote, saying if no candidate gets the number they need on the first ballot, nearly all the delegates can then vote however they want on the second ballot.

To hear what else Dickerson has to say about the Republican convention and what to expect between now and July, watch the video above.