Dickerson: "Wiggle room" for GOP candidates on delegate math

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WASHINGTON --Witha big win in the New York primary, GOP front-runner Donald Trump added to his delegate lead over Republican rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich, but still has work to do in order to secure the nomination.

CBS News political director and anchor of "Face The Nation" John Dickerson says Trump has 844 delegates, and needs to win 52 percent of the remaining delegates to reach the "magic number" of 1,237.

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However, Dickerson says there is actually some "wiggle room" as far as the delegate math is concerned.

"There will be more than a hundred unpledged delegates who will go to the convention in Cleveland with no allegiance," Dickerson points out. "If Donald Trump is short of the 1,237 mark, he could convince some of those unpledged delegates to come his way and give him the majority on the first ballot.

But as Dickerson says, "It's also possible that there might be credential challenges that take away delegates from his total though, so the wiggle room could work the other way."

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