Schieffer: Trump not just the candidate of "angry, frustrated, poorly educated" GOP

Donald Trump's popularity grows in the Republ... 01:50

Exit polls from Tuesday night show Donald Trump's popularity appears to be increasing among Republicans.

You can forget that part about Trump being just the candidate of the angry, frustrated, poorly educated rural Republicans who are fed up with the Republican establishment.

Why did the #neverTrump movement fail? 06:31

He won everywhere among every group in last night's five-state sweep, including places where the establishment he opposed is strongest.

He won affluent Montgomery County in the Washington suburbs where many in the Republican establishment live. He won even bigger in Fairfield County, Connecticut, home of many who work on Wall Street.

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, always a bellwether county in national elections, left no doubt which Republican it liked as Trump won big there.

The blowout sent new shock waves through establishment Republicans in Washington. With polls consistently showing more than 60 percent of general election voters don't like Trump, they were hoping against hope to block him from the ticket.

Now they're no longer sure that's possible. So what's the new strategy?

One senator told CBS News, "raise as much money as we can for our Senate candidates." Another said, "at least we can take heart that polls show a majority of Americans don't like Hillary Clinton either."

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