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Can You Potty Train an Infant?

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I have been studiously researching cloth diapers ever since I unintentionally disturbed the hornets nest known as the CD community. I'm still trying to pull all the options together for my one-month trial. Meanwhile, a Twitter friend sent me this article about going without diapers altogether and potty training an infant. Um....what!?

At the risk of offending yet another subset of parents, how in the world can this possibly work!?

In theory, infant potty training involves watching for your baby's signs of impending stool or urine and holding them over a receptacle of choice. They are eventually supposed to learn the cues and what? Ask for the toilet themselves? Wait for you to take them to the toilet? Hold it? At 6 months old?

The article suggests that "the ideal time to start is anytime from birth to 4-5 months old. During this time, the first window for toilet learning is open."

I don't mean to be cynical, but all of the books I have read about babies say that they are too immature to learn, manipulate, or retain information in the first 3 months. How can they be expected to draw a parallel between urinating and being in a particular place in the home?

And parents are supposed to watch them for signs that they have to use the bathroom? I can tell when my son is "working on a poop," as we say in my house, but there are no visible signs for pee. I would basically have to count on him urinating in every single outfit.

Further, what about undergarments in general? Would I leave my baby bare-bottomed? Baby commando?

As you can see, I'm terribly perplexed by this whole concept. No judgment, of course, but I'd love to hear from any parent who has successfully potty trained an infant. Or any parent who feels as perplexed about this as I am.

Note: This blog was originally published on Natali's personal blog, Mommy (beta).

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