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Carmageddon to hit Los Angeles this weekend, Twitter erupts with funny tweets

Carmageddon hits Los Angeles, Twitter erupts with 405 doom tweets
"nostradamus predicted carmageddon... and i think mob wives.. and possibly hoarders but i may be wrong" -DavidSpade (actor David Spade) Twitter

(CBS) - It's like a scene from a movie. Los Angeles' Interstate 405 - a very busy highway - deserted, closed for two days, and people are panicking. It's doomsday for some California residents - they have nowhere to go because they can't get on part of the 405 from July 16 to July 17. Gah!

Okay, so it's not as dramatic as many are depicting it to be. In fact, the road closure spans 10 miles. (That's like a handful of towns.) There are alternate routes if you need to go somewhere and want to risk it - back roads, short flights, and (dare we say) a train.

Even still, people can't help but freak. After all, it's one of the city's busiest summer weekends of the year and that section of the highway is notorious for being clogged with a lot of traffic. Today, Los Angeles is preparing itself for Carmageddon.

Residents are taking their thoughts to Twitter - some serious, some anxious and many hilarious. Here are the funny tweets from both celebs and non-celebs affected by Carmageddon...

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